Xin Li Do  Beauty Spa
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The feel of The Spa
The exterior is a classic black and white checkerboard pattern. The interior walls are of clean, calm colors. We are up to date without being chi chi. If we have an attitude it's that we enjoy what we do, which is to provide the very best in body care.

Lighting is appropriate to the function and
varies from soft to well lighted.

Color, textures, and decor are pleasing 
and calming, and the music is soothing.

The Spatistas
Our expert spa specialists, "Spatistas" or "Spatistas," are the heart of Xin Li Do. From owners Lei and Nana, to the newest hire, they are experts, who love their work and are friendly but never intrusive.

The treatment 
Sturdy, but nicely cushioned tables let you relax and enjoy 
your facial